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Jack grew up singing, began during his teens and has continued into his adult life. Jack has traveling for years to different churches, concerts, or auditoriums through out the eastern part of the United States He has appeared with groups such as The Imperials, Orrells, Prophets, the The Cathedrals, The Florida Boys, Issacs, and The Booth Brothers, and has appeared on the Grand Ole Opry. No matter what experiences may have come his way, he has remained true to his calling. God and His Son, Jesus, are the reason to sing. There is no greater joy for him than serving the Lord in song and seeing souls saved through Gospel Music.
Cecilia Sammons, better known as Cissy, is Jack's wife. Cissy started singing with her family the Pruitt Family when she was about five years old. That group consisted of her mom and dad, John & Mary, and her two sisters, Kaye and Teresa and her brother Randy. Cissy and Jack met at a concert where the two groups were singing back in the early 70's. They married in 1977. Cissy has been a pillar of faith and as she sings you can feel the love she has for the Lord. She indisputably is an inspiration to all that hear her.
Crysta's husband, Brian, sings the baritone part and is the newest member of The Sammons Family. Born into a preacherís house, Brian was raised on Gospel Music. His earliest memories involve listening to records his father would play from the Blackwood Brothers, Statesmen, Cathedrals, and Kingsmen, instilling a love for Gospel music that has grown ever since. Brian has been singing since he was 8 years old, and preaching since 18. Prior to joining us, Brian sang with New Destiny Quartet for over 3 years. His musical influences include Gerald Wolfe, Mark Trammell, and Ed Hill. Brian is also very involved in promoting concerts in the Detroit area, working with artists such as the Booth Brothers, Mark Trammell Quartet, Squire Parsons, Dixie Echoes, Dove Brothers, and more. Recently he has been inspired to start writing songs. Brian loves to listen to music, and frequently collects classic Gospel albums. He also enjoys sports and spending time with family.
Crysta is Jack & Cissy's daughter. The youngest of four children, She was born again when she was just 7 years old. Crysta is a true inspiration to all, her genuine love for the Lord shines through her beautiful voice and sweet spirit. She began singing with her family at the age 15, and even recorded a solo cd. Since then , she has been active in the music ministries at church, and also sang with her husband Brian in a trio, Broken Pieces. Crysta and Brian were married in October of 2013, and they are so excited to be serving the Lord together as husband and wife.