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 6.2.20 "Hello viewer

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 6.5.15 "I wanted to thank you all so much for singing at Mammaw's funeral as well as Helena's memorial. You have been given such a wonderful gift to share with others. Your voices are all so beautiful it brings a tear to the eye. I know it was probably difficult for you all as they are part of your family too but thank you so much for helping us say good-bye to our loved ones.. "

Melody Michel

 12.29.14 "Glad to hear that you are back singing!! I have wore out the tapes, and look forward to hearing you soon in person.
God Bless
In Christ]

Charlotte, Mi

 12.9.14 "Love ya', Jack, Cissy, and all. God bless and let the song go on."

Kenneth Dale Adair
United States

 11.1.14 "Hi Sammons Family Was wondering if you might know other Sammons in Flordia I'am from Melbourne, Fla Was born in Ohio my father Paul Sammons was born in Beauty, KY.. E-mail me please.. Oh great website .."

Paul D Sammons
Melbourne, FLA

 6.19.14 " Nice to see Sammons Family members doing such a wonderful job at this site. My family came out of Mountain City Tennesse and moved to Avondale Penna. just as I was about to enter this world. I've been all over the country meeting lots of familytree members and have been amazed how most prestigious and quiet named family we are.God has a job and I believe our family has been and will always be well suited for his ways here on earth. Blessings to you all here and abroad across all waters."

Danny Sammons
Wilkes Barre Penna. 18704

 4.3.12 "just a note to say Hi, from the sammons family here in michigan."

terry sammons

 10.20.11 "Jack:

Just wanted to say hi. My happiest memories of gospel music are all Key Note memories


PS How do you keep looking so young?"

Doug Knight

 8.26.11 "I missed your group at BayShore this year. I didn't get out there much last year either as I can't take the high humidity.
Good luck to you all and my prayers are with you-


Clark Eidt
Sebewaing, MI 48759

 7.30.11 "Hi Jack and Family...where is the Lord leading you these days?"

Michele Howell
Grosse Ile, MI

 7.18.11 "I sure do miss The Sammons Brothers. I used to love coming to hear all your songs, they we're always very inspiring. Always made me want to do something good with my life. It's the same now, with The Sammon's guys are wonderful. I love to listen to you all...(:
Love you guy, Miss you too! "

Shannon Pittman
Detroit, MI

 4.26.11 "What a suprise to find you and your family! You probably don't remember but your Dad was my stepdad's uncle. My dad's name was Fred Sammons and we lived in Tampa, Florida. Your Mom, Dad and sister Steffi visited us in 1971 if I remember correctly.

What a beautiful family you have."

Debra Carroll
Dallas, Texas

 1.21.11 "It's been a while since I've been to a performance, but your discs are sstill quite an inspiration. I hope to be able to catch another performance soon. God bless!"

Cheryl Knoch
Lincoln Park, MI

 10.22.10 "Miss your singing & the summer concerts in the park. Was out of town so I didn't get to the together again concert & wondered if you were there singing! Heard your brother sing with his group recently!"

Harriet Fowler
Livonia, Mi

 8.16.10 "Cissy, I used to attend church with you and the Pruitt family in the late 80's early 90's at Grace Freewill Baptist Church where your father was the most wonderful pastor. I have been called upon from the Lord to embark on a new journey and I came across your name. The memories started flashing thru my mind and I can still hear your sweet voice. Your sister Kaye and you were my inspiration when I was saved 19 years ago. My heart is smiling seeing you and your family have been so blessed. Please tell Kaye she is still in my heart. Love to all. "

Cynthia (Brynat) Jenkins
Bowling Green, KY

 7.28.10 "Really nice web site and it is wonderful that you are still singing. My Mom loves to hear you sing, her favorite was The Lighthouse. Love to you all in Michigan. Cindy"

Cynthia Sargent
Saint Petersburg, Florida

 5.5.10 "Web site great."

Ethel Sammons McHorse
Austin Texas

 3.17.10 "Hi Jack and Cissy,
I doubt that you remember me, but I went to school with Jack at RHS in the class of 1971. I moved my senior year to Florida so I didn't graduate with them. My mom and Dad knew the Pruitt family well, since my dad was a minister and they attended the High Street Freewill Baptist Church until I was 7 yrs old. My name was Cindy McKay. My parents are Charlie and Dixie McKay. We also knew the Tackett family well. Take care and God bless.
Cindy McKay Courtney"

Cindy McKay Courtney
Bartow, Florida

 3.1.10 "you guys are funny. "

brit sammons

 11.6.09 "Hi I don't know you ,but I married into the Sammons family, and as far as I am aware, the family has stayed around the West Midlands UK"

Christina Sammons
Birmingham UK

 10.18.09 "I was googling my last name ran accross your site and wanted to say hello and never know there could be realtion somewhere down the line. Most of my family is in TX."

Upstate NY

 7.19.09 "I see on the schedule that you are not singing anywhere. I hope you did not quit singing. I sure do miss not see you all, the dvd's are helpful, but would like to see ya. How is everyone? Did Chrystal graduate from beauty shool. Autm will be graduating in December, Lord willing. She is need of prayers. Are you staying busy with the new business? You are in my prayers daily. God Bless
In Christ

kelli Brophy
charlotte, mi

 7.10.09 ""i was just messing around on the computer and ran across your website. I actually think there may be some distant relation here, as I can faintly remember a Jack and Vivian coming to East Ky to visit family when I was a young child. As I remember, Jack had several coin tricks that would amaze us youngsters. Even if you are not a part of that family, this was fun and here's a big Hello from East Kentucky!"

Don Sammons
East Kentucky

 6.18.09 "Googled my name and popped up your website. Just wanted to say hello,God bless you and I'll add your family to my prayer journal. :)


Stephen Sammons
SW Virginia

 12.22.08 "I have not seen or heard any of your performances but I thought I would say hello from a Sammons that lives in the Nations Smallest Town BUFORD WYOMING ( Population 1 ) and also the highest town between NYC and SF on Interstate 80."

Don Sammons
Buford Wyoming

 11.30.08 "My last name happens to be Sammons Only I don't believe we are related. My fathers full name is Wiley Taft Sammons. He was born in 1928 So my chances of ever finding him are slimming every second I need a miracle If you could pray for one. I would be eturnally gratefull "

Washington state

 10.26.08 "I have been checking your schedule, but have not signed your guest book, so this time I thought that I would let you know that I miss not seeing you all. I hope all is well. Your family is in my prayers and thoughts. Has Jack gotten married? Autm has started beauty school and has graduated to work on the flloor with clients. God Bless
In Christ Kelli Brophy"

kelli brophy



 7.19.08 "Hello Jack & Cissy,
You came to mind this week so I googled your name to see what you've been up to. Missed you this weekend in concert but plan to come hear you sing in August in Wyandotte.
Listened to your music clips and still love your sound.
I ran into Marvin and Louise Taylor not long ago at Rivergate Nursing Home where we minister every Sunday morning.
Looking forward to seeing you next month. God Bless.
(check out my site)"

Linda Woolum Coffman
Lincoln Park, Mi

 5.21.08 "I miss you all, i miss your singing! i love your family and it's ashame that i can't here your amazing voices because i've moved away, i wish you all the best and love you more than ever! God bless

P.s. I miss you Jack!! :)

Shannon Pittman (Cliff's Grandaughter)

 4.5.08 "Like others, I have searched the last name SAMMONS and have found many. I must say that I am awe struck, for I too am into music. I haven't recorded anything but would like to someday. Would love to hear back and maybe trace family lines to see if we're related"

Korey Sammons
Spokane, WA

 4.3.08 " Hi the Sammons Family
We enjoy looking at your web site, wish we could be at some of your singings.
Love & prayers
Mollie & Bobby"

Mollie & Bobby BACK
Liberty, Kentucky

 3.13.08 "Small family, always wondering if there is extended family out there"

Jody Sammons

 3.2.08 "It's nice to see the Sammons name as it's a very rare name to find, especially in the northeast. Most of our "branch" is on the west coast, origins in Texas and Colorado. I suppose we're all related in some fashion anyway so a friendly wave from the frozen north to all of you."

Jim Sammons
Benton, Maine


christina sammons-birt
albany, NEW YORK

 2.16.08 "HI folks,
Just wanted to say hi and let you know that we are linking your site up to the new convention website.

Looking forward to next time.

Randy Severance
Decker MI

 1.15.08 "I was just searching for some family history when i came appon your web sight and would love to here from you you please contact me"

stephen sammons
brenton West Virginia

 12.4.07 "I wanted to say hi since we are going to be with you in Ypsilanti, MI. We are looking forward to meeting you guys"

The Disciples Quartet
Tipton, IN

 11.3.07 "Hi to all our loved ones from here in the Nashville, TN area. Your web site looks great! We miss you guys and love you all very much. Love, Tom and Faye"

Tom and Faye
Castalian Springs, TN

 10.27.07 "Just wanted to say that I heard you on the radio and love the sound, what a wonderful family and a blessing to know you're serving the Lord with your family. God Bless you all and please come back to Ohio sometime soon!!!!"

Frank Miller
Lima, OH

 10.21.07 "May God richly bless you as you serve my best friend, Jesus. Always remember Jesus loves you very much and appreciates your service to Him.

In His Service,

Joanne Lowe
Pensacola, Florida

 10.15.07 "It is nice to hear from you. The news letter is a great idea. It looks like you have been busy. Congradulation on the new business adventure.
I had a bad experience happen, and so I don't have the date of when you were coming to Kalamo. I haven't been able to book a p.m. church for that Sunday either, but pray that God is in control. Please just let me know and of the date. I also could use some prayer.
God Bless and look forward to hearing from you soon when you can.
You all are always in my prayers.
In Christ
Love, Kelli"

kelli brophy

 10.3.07 "I was doing a web search on the surname of Sammons, as I was born Sammons in South Africa and then discovered your web site! The part that's most pleasant, is the fact that you are spreading the Gospel with singing. My late parents were also singing in church and we were always serving the Lord. My father's names were: Gerhardus Petrus Sammons - of course very South African - and my grandfather was Martin Francois (called Frank) Sammons. I'm glad to learn about your beautiful family on your web site and would love to listen to your music! Greetings."

Alta Venter
South Africa

 9.1.07 "i think that you guys are good together Little jack you go ta great voice and you know how to use it .jack i love that low voice that have .crystal i have ne never seen nyone that can get peoples attection like you can you are great

the whole family is great i think that you are the best faimly group thaqt i have ever seen!!!

love bj

Nj machowicz

 8.10.07 ""Your new site is beautiful! I hope to sing with you guys sooner than later! It it always so much fun! I am so proud to be a part of this family! You guys are witnesses to all of how much God blesses who are faithful to His ministry.""

Samantha Floyd
New Boston, MI

 8.10.07 "Your web site is great. Just keep singing for the Lord."

Judy and Jerry Shaul

 8.7.07 "You guys are great! Thank you for all the great memories and your inspiring ministry. You all are gifted and such a blessing. We love you more then Justin and Lindsay :) Keep it up!!! "

Joshua and Ashley
Wyandotte, MI

 8.7.07 "Nice website! We just wanted to say hi and we hope we can go with you singing soon! We miss hearing you guys. Love you all and keep it up!"

Justin and Lindsay

 8.6.07 "Great music!"

Mike Wojcik
Wyandotte, MI