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The testimonials below reflect only some of the people who have chosen to write about The Sammons Family. If you wish to submit your own testimonial, please click here.

"I have known the Sammons' family for many years and been blessed by their music. When we all get Heaven, it will not be a surprise to find many, many souls that were born again, in part, by being blessed by their anointed music. It has been my (and my beautiful bride) distinct blessing to count these good people as friends. Their ministry is the same off stage as when they are singing from a platform in many venues around the Midwest.
Be assured, attending a service when the Sammons minister will be your blessing."

Rick Waldron, General Manager
WPOS Christian Radio

"I have known the Sammons for quite some time. There are a lot of good singing groups out there. Some can sing the notes off the book as they say. A lot of groups spend money on clothes, buses, and recording, and I\'m sure they love the Lord. In my mind, the thing that sells the SAMMONS FAMILY is they can COMMUNICATE. They have the ability make you feel like they know you, and you know them. It\'s a lot easier to sell your song to the Church with a smile on your face. I\'m not saying other groups don\'t do this, but a lot of them can learn a lesson from wathcing the SAMMONS FAMILY. you have to relate to the crowd, and they do it as good as anyone. WE LOVE THEIR FRIENDSHIP!!!!

Donnie & Judy Cox

Donnie & Judy Cox,